Calming Herbs For Dogs That Help Reduce Anxiety

Anxiety is a very real issue for animals, and while we may not fully understand all of the causes, it’s important to be able to recognize and address such issues when they arise. Just as we do, our dogs experience a full range of emotions based on environmental stimuli, and fear, stress, and anxiety are included in this.

One of the most effective ways in dealing with your pet’s anxiety is through the use of calming herbs for dogs, which have helpful enzymes that naturally reduce stress and take the edge off of their nerves. This is important because when it comes to small animals, everything is magnified. It’s been shown that acute anxiety and ongoing fear in dogs can negatively impact their life span.

Being aware enough to notice when your dog is stressed out and understanding how to calm him or her down with the help of beneficial plant-based extracts is important for their overall health and well-being. The following tips should help you become better aware of your pet’s moods and show you the positive effects of well-formulated herbal anxiety-relief.

How to Spot Anxiety in Your Dog

It’s not always obvious when your pup is stressed out or feeling fearful, but thankfully, there are some tell-tale signs to look out for. Animals in general aren’t good at “hiding” their emotions and mental states, which makes it easy for pet owners to spot abnormalities.

For instance, when a dog feels threatened, they typically pull back their gums and exhibit various warning growls that are meant to deter. Anxiety may not produce behaviors that are as obvious, so it’s important to stay keenly aware of your dog’s actions and moods, and how they shift depending on what’s going on around them.

A dog who is feeling stressed or full of anxiety may pace around warily, be reluctant to play, walk with their tail lowered, obsessively lick or chew themselves for comfort, urinate indoors, or show unnatural aggression. Simple cues in their posture or the way they walk may indicate a depressed mood or some kind of stress, and you may even be able to spot certain physical signs such as excessive shedding.

The more you pay attention to your dog’s behavior beforehand, the better prepared you will be when something seems amiss. When a dog is happy and in good health, they will be open with their affection, will have regular eating habits, will want to play and get exercise, and will generally be quite amicable depending on their natural temperament. However, a stressed-out animal will almost always be more aloof, shy, reticent in their behavior, and may be reluctant to eat and sleep at the times you are used to.

If you notice any of these kinds of behaviors in your dog, it’s important to approach the situation with empathy. You can’t expect them to get over their anxiety simply ordering them to, or bringing them to a vet to get them medicated. Your dog could be experiencing anxiety over a loud noise that spooked them, or because they are aware of something you aren’t, such as another dog or other animal that is wandering through your property at night. You may want to try and take away the cause of their distress if you know what it is or take preventive measures to ensure that they aren’t exposed to the same stimuli again.

Treating Anxiety With Natural Herbs

When these measures fail or aren’t available, however, it’s important to know how to best address the issue gently and naturally. Calming herbs for dogs may be the optimal solution in such cases, especially if your dog has been experiencing frequent or ongoing bouts of anxiety and you haven’t been able to pinpoint the source of their discomfort.

It helps to be as understanding as possible when dealing with your dog’s stress or anxiety. Do your best to assuage their fears with gestures that you know they enjoy, such as pats and hugs, but do realize that stressful situations make animals (and people!) behave differently. They may not be entirely receptive, and these gestures may not work to fully calm them down or get them back to a happy state. In these cases, being able to offer them a potentially beneficial plant-based formula such as our Tranquility Blend could go a long way in helping them return to their usual self.

Our high-quality herbal formulas are crafted specifically to work alongside your pet’s body to produce gentle and natural effects. Our Tranquility Blend is no different, containing beneficial calming herbs for dogs such as valerian, skullcap, and passionflower, which help still their nerves without impairing their alertness or motor skills. You can find this beneficial herbal pet supplement right here in our store. Recommended by veterinarians, you can be sure that this formula was crafted with your dog’s health and happiness in mind. In terms of treating your pet’s anxiety, this is the gentle and natural solution you are looking for.