Natural Allergy Relief For Dogs That’s Safe And Effective

Just like humans, animals suffer from a wide range of allergies as well, that range from mild and seasonal to chronic and severe. While there are several common treatments for allergies in dogs, most of them are ineffective at best and some can even be dangerous.

If your pet is suffering from itchy skin, ear infections, swollen eyes, and other symptoms, you need natural allergy relief for dogs that is actually effective and won’t negatively impact their wellbeing.

This guide will help you better understand your dog’s allergies and the best ways of tackling the issue, as well as the importance of searching for natural and holistic treatments for common health issues such as these. We want our pets to have the best quality of life possible, which means being attentive to their individual needs and providing them with the best possible solutions to their health issues.

What Causes Canine Allergies?

It can certainly feel like a mystery as to why your dog develops allergies, regardless of the nature of the symptoms or how often they appear. Some dogs have allergic reactions to dust and pollen just like we do. Other environmental factors like mold and even household chemicals can potentially trigger allergic outbursts.

Identifying what may cause your pet to have an allergic reaction is important because if you can indeed find out what is bothering them, there is always the possibility that you can remove the offending element from your home or your dog’s environment. However, the truth is that this isn’t always possible. Just as with pollen and other environmental factors that lead to our allergies, your dog often won’t be able to avoid what is causing them to react.

Depending on the cause of the allergies, you may be able to temper the issue by limiting their overall exposure, but this is not a sustainable solution. In cases where mold is the offender, you would want to perform a thorough cleaning in your home to remove any and all signs of it. If there is a certain chemical cleaner or other artificial substance that is giving them problems, you can take the necessary steps to either remove it from your home or limit how often your dog is exposed to it.

If the situation involves an allergic reaction to food, your best bet is to analyze what is in the specific brands of food you are using and switch them out for something with better ingredients While it’s not always the case, some dog foods contain cheap or subpar ingredients with certain chemical or artificial binders and filler that may be causing the reaction. The presence of grain in certain dog foods can be a factor in allergy development, but beef and dairy are also problematic at times. Remember, it’s unlikely that in the wild your dog would be drinking any milk or chowing down on a cow. While we would like to think that our pet’s digestive system is suitable for anything, the reality is that some varieties of food that are altered or somewhat artificial may have a negative effect on their bodies, just as it does with ours at times.

You may also come up short in the search for why your dog is having allergic reactions. In fact, this is often the case, as there are just so many different environmental factors that could potentially lead to an allergic reaction that pinpointing any specific cause could very well be fruitless. The important thing to note here is that you don’t necessarily need to know the cause of the allergies to treat them with a gentle herbal formula. Because most allergic reactions involve the same general patterns and bodily systems, there are great “one size fits all” treatments out there that apply to multiple different allergens.

So if you notice that your dog is dealing with a runny nose, swollen eyes, or itchy skin, you don’t need to run yourself ragged trying to find the cause. It’s more important to offer them impactful and gentle relief that works naturally with their system and doesn’t pose the risk of unnecessary side effects. You can always work on eliminating the cause of the allergies later on, if at all possible.

Avoid Dangerous Allergy Treatments

What you don’t want to do is rush out to the vet and apply the first artificial treatment they offer in response to mere allergies. In many cases, these “cures” only mask the symptoms and can even be somewhat dangerous depending on the situation and the treatment in question.

While certain allergic reactions are cause for immediate concern and a rush to the vet, you shouldn’t rely on treatments such as steroids to address what are essentially mild symptoms that can be prevented with lifestyle changes or gentle herbal medicine. Steroids can be very dangerous for small animals, and despite all of the research that goes into perfecting steroidal treatments for various issues, they should only be used as a last resort in a majority of cases.

When analyzing your dog’s needs, you simply want to be aware of the nature of their allergic reaction and try to address it gently and efficiently. Vet trips can often be stressful and harrowing for your dog as it is, so you certainly shouldn’t resort to visiting the vet at the drop of a hat. In terms of allergic reactions, there is only so much they can do anyway, and many are switching to over-the-counter holistic treatments anyway, because of the growing awareness of their effectiveness.

Why Natural Allergy Treatments are Beneficial

Allergies can cause a complex array of symptoms, including dry and irritated skin, inflammation, diarrhea, eye irritation, and more. These symptoms are a clear sign that they have been exposed to something that their body doesn’t like and this is their body’s way of reacting. If you treat the situation from a holistic perspective, you can see why taking a natural, slow approach might be best for the health and wellbeing of your pup.

Natural allergy relief for dogs can help them overcome their symptoms with the help of their body’s natural defenses rather than with a steroid or similar method. In general, you always want to make sure that you are applying helpful healing solutions for your dog’s issues whenever possible. Small animals have delicate bodies, and while our knowledge of medicine as it is applied to animals has certainly advanced, we can’t often predict how they will react to certain chemical treatments and drugs.

The first way to naturally address your dog’s health issues and allergies is through their diet. Even season allergies to pollen are often the result of some kind of imbalance present in the body that is governed by their diet. We’re beginning to understand the crucial role that diet plays in everything from hormonal balance to allergies, so you need to take extra care in terms of the quality of the food that you give your dog if you want to help prevent any issues.

You want to avoid foods that have a lot of filler or chemical additives. Just because your dog likes to gobble it up in a flash doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily good for them. As pet owners, we have to be conscious and make the right decisions for our pets that they can’t always make for themselves. This means purchasing the right healthy food for them that is made with real ingredients and not cheap fillers and binders.

This goes for “human” food as well. We eat a lot of different foods that don’t agree with dog digestive systems of course, but we also eat quite a bit of food that has chemicals, sugar, and other substances and additives that are best left out of your dog’s diet. While the occasional piece of meat won’t do any harm, you simply want to be aware of what your dog is eating and how it may affect their immune system or cause some kind of allergic reaction. In this case, prevention and proper nutrition can go a long way. As far as “curing” your dog’s allergies, getting them on a healthier diet with higher quality food is certainly the first step you should take that could have the most potential impact over the long term.

The next step you want to take is to eliminate unnecessary exposure to artificial substances and chemicals. Make sure your pet shampoo is high quality and free of irritants, reduce the number of possible allergens in your home, and be mindful of the products you are using as well. We all know dogs enjoy licking you whenever it suits them, and when they do this they are potentially ingesting artificial chemicals and other possible allergens on your skin. You should be using holistic and natural skin care products anyway for your own benefit, but doing so could also indirectly help your dog out as well.

Finally, for fast and effective short term relief, you should think about applying natural allergy relief for your dog in the form of one of our beneficial herbal formulas available right here in our store. Our  Seasonal Allergy Support may be just what your dog needs to help them overcome runny noses and dry irritated skin caused by various environmental allergens.

Here at Animal Essentials, we specialize in providing pets with gentle and effective natural relief from a wide variety of different illnesses and ailments. We believe in working with nature to provide actionable solutions to your pet’s problems. Your dog doesn’t have to suffer through allergies every year with the right treatment. In fact, finding them the relief they need is easy if you take a look through our store. We carry a variety of different natural products that may be able to help them, including vitamins and our  Seasonal Allergy Support formula.

If you know anyone with allergies or if you suffer from them yourself, you know how big of a pain they are to deal with. The clogged sinuses, runny nose, swollen eyes, and other symptoms can put a serious dent in your quality of life over the duration of the reaction. Think of how it must feel for your dog to go through the same kinds of symptoms without any relief? It’s important to take note of their symptoms and provide the best solution possible that’s not only effective but safe as well. The last thing you want to do is stress them out or give them a powerful drug if you don’t have to.

Our  Seasonal Allergy Support formula is crafted from natural ingredients such as beneficial nettle leaf and burdock root, which will work alongside your dog’s immune system to reduce their symptoms, without the risk of any side-effects. Not only is our herbal formula effective at reducing the symptoms of allergies in dogs, vets actually recommend and use our product.

As we learn more about the needs of our pets, it’s becoming clear that they deserve holistic, helpful treatments that are safe and effective. Whether it’s to address seasonal allergies or some other variety of illnesses such as digestive issues or a weak immune system, we have formulated beneficial herbal remedies that are human-grade and extensively tested.

When it comes to the health of your pet, you don’t want to settle for anything less than gentle and effective treatments for their ills. Here at Animal Essentials, we are proud to provide a great selection of finely crafted herbal formulas that will help you make sure your dog is living his or her best life, even if they suffer from seasonal allergies! If you would like more information about our products or which of them would be most beneficial for your dog, reach out to us today at 888-551-0416 and we will be glad to help you find a natural solution.