Veterinarian Advisor Spotlight:  Dr. Evelyn Kass, DVM

Most people who find this post will already know something about the extreme importance of good nutrition in the care of their pets. You may already know that dogs and cats are carnivores that require foods comprised of high-quality meat, a few antioxidant vegetables and very few, if any, grains and carbohydrates. Like me, you are probably already avoiding byproducts, cheap grain fillers, artificial colorings and preservatives in the pet foods you buy. You know that a healthy body requires healthy foods. But, are you aware that a very complex microbiome, consisting of trillions of interdependent bacteria, viruses, protozoans and fungi, exists within your pet’s gut? One that not only supports healthy digestion and assimilation of nutrients, but is also critical to maintaining a healthy immune system, 70% of which is built and housed in the intestinal tract? In order to flourish, your pet’s internal microbiome must effectively communicate with an external microbiome that has existed in the soils, water, plants of our planet since before the dinosaurs. And… did you know that food doesn’t just feed and support the body and its structures by virtue of the proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals it contains, but also by providing information to the body’s cells, systems and microbiome that is used to initiate and regulate countless processes that can affect everything from your pet’s hormones to his behavior?

Enter Dr Evelyn Kass, DVM.

When I met” Dr. Evelyn” during one my vet conference lectures several years ago, I immediately knew that she is a seeker of real holistic solutions--- not just remedies—for the animals she treats. In the years that have followed, I have watched as her tireless, passion-driven quest into the world of holistic animal nutrition has expanded and transformed our perspectives of what good; biologically-appropriate nutrition really is, or what it should be, for companion dogs and cats. She illuminates and confirms the vital importance of good nutrition as the basis of virtually any curative effort, in a friendly but assertive manner that forces her clients, students and peers to take what she offers to heart; to reconsider what they may have been raised or trained to believe. It’s powerful healing from a true healer - GT

Background: Integrative, Holistic Veterinarian

Dr. Evelyn is an integrative holistic veterinarian with over 30 years of experience in both allopathic and holistic medicine. She now uses food and nutritional support as medicine for her patients and teaches pet parents how to create a healthy life style for their furry family members through educational workshops and individual consulting.

After healing herself from the damage caused by two autoimmune diseases using only diet and herbs, she realized the power of food to heal. Using the principals she learned from her own struggle, she then healed her older cat of pancreatitis and inflammatory bowel disease. By changing Phoebe’s diet and adding some nutritional supplements, she noticed in addition to healing her gut issues, that the excess weight and skin sensitivity that had been part of Phoebe’s life since she was less than a year old, disappeared. She knew then that she had to use this approach on her patients. They responded in the most amazing ways!

Her passion for nutrition has led her to create a nutritional consulting business for pets. Her website provides information on choosing pet foods to optimize health through food choices. She includes topics ranging from the dangers of obesity to the concerns about genetically modified foods. Her goal is to prevent many of the chronic conditions that now appear in our pets, by providing information to help pet parents choose the proper food and supplements for optimal health.

She has been featured in Reader’s Digest and has been a guest on Your Vital Pet and Holistic Actions for Animals. Dr. Evelyn is an expert contributor on Dream Dog CBD and on the advisory boards of Animal Essentials and Ion*Biome.

She provides nutritional consulting directly with pet parents to help them understand their pet’s current condition and the ways they can improve it through diet, supplements and environmental adjustments. When needed she formulates individualized, balanced, whole food diets for those pets with serious illness or significant food intolerances; and sometimes for pet parents who want to do everything to avoid chronic disease in their furry family members.