QRP Benefits




The Benefits of being an Animal Essentials Qualified Reseller

Greater Peace of Mind and Unparalleled Service. As a qualified reseller you can assure your customers that they will be receiving only genuine Animal Essentials products, backed by our stellar customer support and product guarantee.

More Profit for Buying Direct. QRP retailers that place their orders directly through us will receive an additional 5% discount off of our advertised wholesale pricing.

FREE Training & Education. Access to monthly online trainings, free interactive educational webinars and invites to onsite seminar events that you can share with store staff and your customers.

An Automatic Discount for Volume Buyers. Qualified resellers will receive a 10% bonus discount when ordering $1000 or more of product within a 60 day period.

Free POP support brochures and other materials. We will supply you with materials that fit the needs and demands of your customers.

Exclusive deep-discount weekly specials that ONLY QRP customers are privy to!

FREE Giveaway Offers. Product samples and 2 for1 deals that nobody else gets!

On Line Wholesale Ordering. We will set you up so your wholesale discount is automatically deducted from the pricing on our website, making restocking easy.

Use of the Animal Essentials Qualified Resellertm Logo in your Store or on Your Website.

Added Exposure on our Website. We will highlight you as an Animal Essentials Qualified Reseller, to drive customers to your store.


Call or email us today to see if you qualify and get set up!

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The terms of the QRP are subject to modification by Animal Essentials at any time in its sole discretion by written notice. The notice may be provided by posting on the Animal Essentials website. Retailers who meet requirements of QRP will be granted use of the Animal Essentials Qualified Reseller Program logo on their websites and other promotional materials.