Tinkle Tonic 1oz

Tinkle Tonic 1oz

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1 oz

Tinkle Tonic is an herbal tincture that is specially formulated to support a healthy urinary tract in cats and dogs.

The tonic uses extract from the marshmallow root to aid the removal of stones and potential obstructions of the urinary tract by coating them in a layer of mucous. Tinkle Tonic also contains extracts of horsetail, echinacea, couchgrass, and dandelion to help combat urinary tract infections and incontinence. 

Key Features:

  • Supports a healthy urinary tract in cats and dogs
  • Organic herbal formula is gentle on your pet's stomach

Active Ingredients (per 1 mL): A proprietary blend containing extracts of: Couchgrass root 1:4, Dandelion root & ;leaf 1:4*, Echinacea root & herb 1:4*, Horsetail herb 1:4*, Marshmallow root 1:4 - (250 mg).

*Certified organic herbs

Inactive Ingredients: Vegetable glycerin USP, distilled water. Alcohol free.

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Healthy urinary tracts in your cats & dogs!
Written by Audriana on Sep 2nd 2017

Since 2001, I've "spiked" my dogs' & cats' drinking water with this amazing tonic; squirt 1 dropper per gallon under the running stream of purified water & it self-mixes. In the morning, I throw the unused water on my plants outside (they thrive on it), wipe down the container with a paper towel, rinse, then add the Tinkle Tonic & only use purified (I use reverse osmosis) water in a clear glass or stainless steel water bowl. Since I began using this product, my rescue cats live into their 20's & not one of them has died from renal failure. Veterinarians are always astonished & want to know what product I'm using. My dogs live very long lives too & I haven't seen one UTI, kidney, nor bladder issue with any of them. Hopefully, Animal Essentials will never stop making this amazing product!