Animal Essentials Minimum Advertised Price policy (MAP)

MAP Policy


As a leading pioneer in the animal supplements industry, Animal Essentials, Inc. (“Animal Essentials”) is dedicated to protecting the long term interests of our company, its brands and our reseller network.  In recognition of the investment in time and resources required for our authorized distributors to provide the level of customer service and product knowledge expected by our customers, Animal Essentials is committed to enforcing policies that allow our authorized distributors to maintain appropriate profit margins through the sale of our products, while at the same time discouraging price-based advertising that would be detrimental to our authorized distributor’s service and support efforts. 

Therefore, we have adopted a Minimum Advertised Price Policy (“MAP”) for select Animal Essentials and Veterinarian’s Apawthecary products.  This policy is to ensure the preservation of Animal Essentials’ outstanding brand reputation and our status as a manufacturer of the highest integrity, with the finest, best-valued products in the industry.  Resellers who comply with the MAP will be qualified to participate in the Animal Essentials Qualified Reseller Program (“QRP”) and to receive supplemental marketing materials, special promotional materials, special product educational services and other benefits, all as determined from time to time by Animal Essentials in its sole discretion.

Resellers remain free to advertise and sell any Animal Essentials products at any price without consulting or advising Animal Essentials. Failure to abide by this MAP policy may result in the immediate loss of QRP status. 

This MAP policy applies to all advertised prices in any media, specifically including the internet or other electronic media.  The MAP policy applies only to advertised prices within the United States of America and its Territories.  The MAP policy does not apply to advertised prices within any jurisdiction where such a policy would be unlawful.


The MAP policy shall be subject to the following terms:

  1. Any resellers selling Animal Essentials products who do not abide by the MAP policy will not qualify to participate in the QRP.
  2. Animal Essentials, in its sole discretion, may elect to provide a QRP participant with notice of a violation of the MAP policy and an opportunity to cure.
  3. Animal Essentials has the sole right to determine if a reseller qualifies to be a QRP participant or is disqualified from being a QRP participant.

The MAP is a Unilateral Policy

Nothing in this MAP shall constitute an agreement between Animal Essentials and any reseller on any subject including that the reseller will comply with this policy, or will sell any product at or below any particular price.  Animal Essentials will not negotiate this MAP policy with any reseller.  Accordingly, all Animal Essentials personnel and sales representatives have been specifically instructed not to discuss the policy beyond the content of this statement with anyone outside of Animal Essentials. Please do not attempt to discuss this policy with Animal Essentials personnel or sales representatives or communicate complaints or advice to Animal Essentials personnel or sales representatives.

Animal Essentials personnel are not authorized to modify or grant exceptions to this policy.

If you so choose, you may forward information about non-compliance with this MAP policy to fax number (602)883-7887 or by email to  However, please be advised that no Animal Essentials personnel or sales representative will contact you to acknowledge, respond or follow up on your report, nor will they discuss the enforcement of this MAP policy.