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Ocean Omega Supreme

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"Best if Used By" vs "Date of Manufacture"

May 1, 2015
From Animal Essentials president, Greg Tilford

Consumers of natural supplements are likely to see “Best if Used by” dates on many of their favorite product labels transitioning to “Date of Manufacture” in coming months . This is due to changes in FDA regulations, brought about the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and Federal Trade Commission (FTC) policies. Both require manufacturers of dietary supplements (including animal supplements) to conduct stability/viability studies to support any claims that a product must be used by a certain date (ie, “Best if Used by”). In other words, if a manufacturer is to place a date of expiration on a product then validation as to why the product is deemed “expired” (or is no longer salable or viable) after a certain time period must be provided. This is largely to protect the consumer against unnecessary and unfair purchase of new product. The stability studies that are necessary to establish an accurate expiration date or “best if used by” date can take years to conduct and may cost many thousands of dollars per product. Very few manufacturers can afford this. Therefore, the voiced recommendations of FDA and the National Animal Supplements Council (NASC) are to include only a date of manufacture unless valid stability studies have been conducted.

So far we have only implemented this change on our newest products.  We are currently working with our supply chain partners to share science and costs that will enable us to continue use of Best if Used by Dates on all of our products, which we and most of our customers wholeheartedly prefer.

All said, we recommend that all of our products be used with two years of the date of manufacture.
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