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Listen to Herbalist Greg Tilford on Plant Remedy Revolution!

Greg Tilford, co-founder and formulating herbalist of Animal Essentials was honored to join podcaster Shauna Wall on her recent series, "Plant Remedy Revolution", which first aired on March 1, 2018.  Listen here as Greg talks about how Animal Essentials came to be, it's current mission, and his vision for the future.  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN…

NEW! Coconut Carrot Cake Wellness Bites!

Scrumptious small bite cookies for dogs and even some cats! These delicious, all-natural cookies are made in the USA from 100% human-grade ingredients. These light, "biscotti-like" cookies are the PERFECT DELIVERY SYSTEM FOR ANIMAL ESSENTIALS TINCTURE FORMULAS! Each cookie can cleanly absorb up to 20 drops of tincture--- that's 0.5-0.75ml!Each 3oz net weight bag contains 26-30 cookies. Your d…

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