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The Dogs of Holbox Island - Is this Where Dogs go to Heaven?

Editors note:  The mission of Animal Essentials is to bring holistic awareness and expert support to the world in ways that will enhance the wellness of companion animals, their people and the communities they live in.  While we clearly recognize that their are thousands of mistreated, malnourished and abandoned animals that need our help right here at home, our travels are also teaching…

In Praise, and Defense of Garlic

Garlic is an amazing herb, and despite a long time misunderstanding of its potential hazards, it remains as one of the most widely used botanicals in the pet care industry. Garlic contains considerable amounts of protein, fiber, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, sodium, vitamin A, thiamin, niacin, taurine, zinc, riboflavin and dozens of other nutritive compounds--- and a single clove of fresh garli…

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