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Ocean Omega Supreme

Ocean Omega Supreme

We’re proud to present our new version of Ocean Omega Supreme using fish oil from Iceland, the cleanest and most sustainable fishery on the planet. Animal Essentials is committed to offering optimum nutritional quality and diversity for your...

"NASC: The Benchmark of Quality", delivered by Animal Essentials President, Greg Tilford at Global Pet Expo 2015

March 25, 2015
Before the formation of the National Animal Supplements Council in 2002 the future of natural pet supplements and consumer access to them appeared bleak. Since then, the NASC has created a credible front from which animal supplements are responsibly self-regulated, and with honor and respect from the US Food and Drug Administration, the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) and other regulatory bodies worldwide. To watch Greg Tilford's short presentation, click on the link below.
Also, stay tuned for two other, in-depth lectures by Greg:  "How Going Green Can Help Your Business While Helping the World", and "How to Enhance Pet Supplement Sales and Cement Customer Loyalty", which are being reproduced for release in early April.
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