• Proven by time. Validated by science. Trusted by veterinarians.

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    Veterinarian Advisory Board
    Ensuring every product offered meets our standards.

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RETAILERS: Join us and hear Greg Tilford speak at Pet Connections Expo!

The exciting new fall industry event that brings together pet retailers and suppliers for two days of great content, buying (trend spotting + treasure hunting!) and business-building inspiration.Conference sessions are packed with information you can take home and immediately apply to your business. We've lined-up top industry experts to present and lead discussions on the latest breakthrough tre…

Amazing Olive Leaf!

Virtually any credible herbalist will tell you, “there are no silver bullets; no panaceas.” This is absolutely true--- nothing cures everything, and there is not a single herb, drug or medical treatment that will help every individual, every time. There is however a few herbs that reach closer to being a “fix-all” than most others, their medicinal values just waiting to be discovered. At…

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