Hairball Relief formula by Animal Essentials

Hairball Relief formula

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Unlike many other hairball remedy products, Animal Essentials Hairball Relief formula does not contain synthetic mineral oil, petroleum jelly or any other insoluble lubricants that may interfere with healthy nutrient absorption in the gut, and it supports wellness of your companion in other ways too!

  • Does not contain methylcellulose or any laxative drug ingredients.
  • Hairball Relief contains only one, totally natural active ingredient: Marshmallow root extract.
  • Marshmallow root (Althea officinalis) has been used for centuries to aid with passage of waste and to help maintain healthy, active microflora in the gut.

Unlike other hairball remedies which coat the intestinal tract with synthetic petroleum lubricants, Animal Essentials Hairball Relief formula employs the healthful powers of marshmallow root, which contains copious amounts of water soluble mucopolysaccharide compounds (called “mucilage”) that are not only fully digestible, but deliver powerful health benefits to your dog or cat. As marshmallow root extract passes through your companion’s digestive tract, it’s thick, gooey mucilage temporarily coats intestinal membranes with a slippery layer to aid in the quick elimination of ingested hair, while it also serves to maintain healthy populations of resident microflora. But that’s not all… numerous studies confirm that marshmallow also supports a immune system health in the gut, where up to 70% of the body’s immune system resides.


 Marshmallow (ALthea officianalis)

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Good for prevention
Written by JudyAZ on Jan 1st 2023

I give this to a couple of our cats twice a day a few times a week for prevention of hairballs. I add it to their food with no problem. No hairballs since starting it.