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A Guide to Cat Anxiety and Best Calming Herbs for Cats

When one hears “cats” and “herbs,” he or she typically thinks about catnip without hesitation. When a cat breathes in the unique aroma of this herb, specifically the active ingredient nepetalactone, they feel a sense of euphoria. Nepetalactone, an oil extract, binds to the cat’s olfactory receptors and stimulates neurons in the brain.To answer your next question, yes: cats get “high” off of catnip…

Basics of Natural Supplements for Dogs

Do you take or have you ever taken supplements before? These can contain various vitamins, minerals, enzymes, botanicals, and other materials to “supplement” your diet. The ingredients in your supplements can have unparalleled and effective applications on your physical and even mental health.Just as these supplements can positively affect your life, they can create similar desirable effects on yo…

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