Young and Old

Why All Pets Can Benefit From a Natural Approach to Health


Reason 1: The natural approach requires a deeper understanding of your pet and his individual needs.

  • Dogs, cats and other companion animals are very different from humans.
  • But just like us all animals are unique individuals, with unique and changing needs.
  • The natural approach requires us to learn the true natural needs of a companion animal. We are forced to look beyond our tendencies as consumers to identify and address their animal needs.

Reason 2: The natural approach focuses on establishing and maintaining wellness.

  • Conventional approaches to health focus on reducing symptoms of disease as they occur.
  • The natural approach is to honor and support the body's natural mechanisms of health maintenance and healing.
  • An ounce of prevention is not worth a pound of cure... It IS the cure!


Reason 3: As your pet ages, his body and his systemic needs change too.

  • We cannot look into a crystal ball to determine exactly what our companion animals need.
  • Natural supplements provide a diversity of nutritional values and special measures of systemic support that the body can utilize as needed, or freely eliminate if not.

Reason 4: Herbs support the body in ways that good food alone cannot.

  • Good food nourishes and fuels the body
  • Herbs support and enhance the body's innate systems of maintaining balanced health.