Basics of Natural Supplements for Dogs

Do you take or have you ever taken supplements before? These can contain various vitamins, minerals, enzymes, botanicals, and other materials to “supplement” your diet. The ingredients in your supplements can have unparalleled and effective applications on your physical and even mental health.

Just as these supplements can positively affect your life, they can create similar desirable effects on your pets, even your dog! Granted, you shouldn’t give him or her your human supplements or medicine. That could be seriously dangerous!

That’s where natural supplements for dogs come in. Your dog can reap the full benefits of supplements just like you do with yours, but safely! However, it can be difficult to know which supplements to give your pup, how much to give, and what can happen if you don’t adhere to guidelines.

When your dog isn’t getting a properly balanced diet, he or she may require natural dietary supplements to supply him or her with what they need for optimal health. Before giving your dog any sort of medication or a semblance of such without a veterinarian’s advice, you should be careful and know what you should and should not do (but always call your vet for professional advice).

While it’s tempting to simply have your dog take a vitamin supplement from the palm of your hand like a healthy and tasty treat, you should first know if that’s allowed or not, among other proper supplement administration to your dog. Let’s take a look at several “dos” of supplying your dog supplements.

Give Supplements to Dogs with Improper Diets
If your dog lacks proper nutrition, then it could be a good idea to give your dog supplements. This can be easily recognized if you simply consider his or her current diet. If your dog follows a commercial diet from a company that states it is “complete and balanced,” then it’s likely your dog is getting the right amount of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.

However, just like with humans, it can only be beneficial if your dog has added supplements to ensure he or she is truly getting the proper nutrients for a happy and healthy life!

It should correlate with their age (puppy, adult, or senior) and they should eat the recommended amount for their size as well. However, if you provide him or her with homemade meals, you should talk to your veterinarian to determine which vitamins and other materials need to be supplemented.

Give to Dogs with Certain Medical Issues
For dogs that have medical issues, they could reap many benefits of taking supplements. This could include those dogs that have gastrointestinal issues, vitamin/mineral deficiencies, joint pain, or skin issues.

For such conditions, here are the top five vitamins to keep in mind for best assisting your dog:

●Vitamin A for eye health, immune function, fetal growth, and cell functionality
●Vitamin B
○B6 for hormone regulation, nervous system function, glucose generation
○Riboflavin, niacin, and B12 for optimal enzyme function
●Vitamin D for bone growth, proper development, and healthy muscles
●Vitamin C for cognitive again and inflammation reduction
●Vitamin E for fat metabolism, reproductive health, eye health, and cell function

Ask a Veterinarian Beforehand
It is worth noting that you should always consult with your veterinarian before giving your dog any supplements in order to get the best and safest recommendations for your unique pup. Your veterinarian knows your dog well, his or her health conditions, and more.

Discussing supplements with a vet can properly advise you on which supplements will be the most beneficial for your pooch and can assist in answering any other questions you may have on supplements for your dog.

Follow Directions for Proper Administration of Supplements
With the combination of a vet’s recommendation and the directions on herbal and natural supplements for dogs, you should give your dog the proper amount in the proper way. If it’s a tablet, be sure to know how to give it to him or her efficiently. If it’s a tincture, be sure to place the droplets in the right location (in your pup’s food, water, or other administrations).


Give Supplements to Dogs of All Ages
Many dog owners believe that supplements are only beneficial for older dogs and that younger pups don’t require them. However, that is simply not true! Dogs of all ages can benefit from natural supplements for dogs, as they properly supply them with the right nutrients they need to maintain wellness and enhance their bodies’ innate systems.

When you are looking for the most authentic natural supplements for dogs, you should consider our natural pet offerings here at Animal Essentials. We pride ourselves on providing our best friend with only the best. Be sure to give us a call at 888-551-0416 so we can best answer all of your questions.