Boost Your Feline Friend’s Immunity with These 8 Tips

Is there anything worse than watching your cat be more lethargic than usual, be uninterested in their favorite toy mouse, or even seeing them sneezing incessantly? Although their little sneezes can be quite adorable, what’s not adorable is your normally loving fur friend not feeling well.

Much like you can, your cat can get sick due to a variety of external and internal factors, such as bacteria, viruses, stress, inactivity, environment, and genetics. While it’s impossible to completely stop your cat from ever being sick from these causes, it is possible to assist them in being sick far less by boosting their immunity and supporting it just right.

Let’s dive into eight great ways to promote immune support for cats so they can spend less time sneezing and more time playing and snuggling!

1.Give Them Proper and Healthy Nutrition
One of the most important ways of ensuring your cat is healthy and happy (and is that way more often than not) is by giving them a proper diet. Cats should be supplied with the right nutrients in all of their food, so make sure that the food you are giving them isn’t chockfull of synthetic and even harmful ingredients like those found in processed cat foods. The more natural nutrients available, the better.

You should also closely consider their portion sizes, as this can have a large impact on their weight and overall health. Ultimately, cats should be eating 24 to 35 calories each day per pound of their weight. From ages six months to adulthood, they can be fed just twice a day. From then on, they do well by being fed either once or twice a day.

2.Make Sure They Get Sufficient Exercise and Playtime
Just as exercise is important for our health, it is essential for your cat’s health and immunity as well. Cats should be getting around 30 minutes of exercise per day (and it doesn’t necessarily need to be running or very intense exercise). However, it’s important to note that you should never force your cat to do anything they don’t want to.

For indoor cats, we recommend you play with them for about 15-20 minutes per day and you can increase this time as they become stronger and more agile (again, don’t force them too much). As an aside, kittens will likely require more exercise sessions than adult cats.

3.Are They Getting Enough Catnaps?
Yes, believe it or not, “catnaps” are extremely important to your feline’s health. In fact, cats require about 12 to 16 hours of sleep per day! If your cat needs to sleep more, you can help “persuade” them to sleep by creating a cozy environment for them, placing their toys in another room, and (healthily) increasing their exercise amount, especially before bedtime.

Of course, don’t try to force them to go to sleep because, as cats so often do, they’ll do what they want to do (and they certainly will not be happy)!

4.Limit Their Exposure to Chemicals
Harmful chemicals can cause anyone to fall ill, including cats. Having them exposed to chemicals can indeed make them sick more often– and yes, that includes those flea, tick, and mosquito-fighting liquids you pour on the back of their neck once a month. Make sure harmful chemicals of all kinds are out of reach and that your cat is not exposed to them.

5.Provide Them with Supplements (Especially Our Super Immune Tincture!)

The addition of certain vitamins and other supplements to their diets could boast extremely beneficial to your feline’s immunity and overall health. One fine example of such is our Super Immune tincture.

The Super Immune tincture is ideal for immune support for cats, as it is formulated for exactly that. It supports a healthy immune system and promotes your cat’s natural resistance to pathogens. It contains certified organic herbs, such as olive leaf extract, so you know exactly what you are giving to your pet– only the best.

You could also provide your pet with various vitamins and minerals if they are severely deficient in them, such as a B-complex vitamin tincture. As always, be sure to discuss with your vet first if this will be advantageous for your pet.

6.Use Herbal Ear Wipes
Bacteria and other unwanted particles can enter your cat’s body in a variety of locations– and one of those is their ears. By cleaning them with Herbal Ear Wipes, you will be able to effectively clean their ears of not only earwax but also dirt, debris, bacteria, fungi, and parasites. In doing so, you will drastically improve their immunity.

7.Feline Stress to Feline Finesse (Cat Anxiety?)


Another point to consider for improving immune support for cats is cat anxiety. Yes, cats have their very own form of anxiety and there are a number of ways you can decipher if yours has it, such as:

●Missing the litter box often

●Staring or avoiding eye contact

●Trembling, hiding, and/or over-grooming

●Destructive behavior

●Holding their ears back often

●Gastrointestinal issues

●Tail between their legs

If you believe that your cat has cat anxiety, you will need to narrow down the possible causes. These include separation anxiety, sickness, pain, past traumatic experiences, OCD, or even socialization issues. By assisting your cat to tackle the symptoms associated with cat anxiety, they’ll be more comfortable, happier, and ultimately healthier.

An option is to supply them with calming herbs, which are made of authentic and natural ingredients to promote your cat’s mental and physical wellness.

8.Talk with Your Veterinarian
It could always be possible that your beloved feline friend has an underlining condition like Immunodeficiency. This is a failure of the immune system to efficiently protect the body from infection. It’s possible that your cat was either born with this ailment or it developed over time.

If you are concerned with your cat being sick far too often, then check in with your veterinarian to see if Immunodeficiency (or something else entirely) is the real issue.

Are you prepared to improve your cat’s immune system in the way that he or she requires? If not, we have everything you need to get started. We have a wide variety of natural and herbal supplements for your feline. Do your part by supporting your cat’s immune system so they can feel better and get back to their “zoomies” faster!