Qualified Reseller Policy (QRP)

At Animal Essentials we are dedicated to providing our customers with 100% genuine, premium quality products that are backed by the highest quality control standards in the natural animal supplements industry. To accomplish this, we must also uphold our longstanding commitment of providing unsurpassed product education and customer support, as well as transparency in all aspects of the products we produce.

Therefore, we have adopted a Qualified Reseller Policy (“QRP”) by which qualified distributors of Animal Essentials products and its affiliated brands can have an enhanced business relationship with Animal Essentials while maintaining optimal satisfaction with their customers--- a win-win for everyone.

Resellers that do not qualify for the QRP are not authorized to sell any range of Animal Essentials products, and are therefore not eligible to return items for credit or refunds, nor qualify for special benefits arising outside of any vendor or distributor agreements, including by way of example participation in promotional programs and educational events. For a reseller to qualify as a Qualified Reseller, it must satisfy each of the following conditions as determined by Animal Essentials in its sole discretions:

  1. The reseller must provide proof of its legal business status including EIN number, evidence of proper business formation under local law and evidence of necessary business licenses.
  2. The reseller must be operating primarily within the pet industry and natural products industry channels, and must be familiar with the marketing of natural animal supplements.
  3. The reseller must purchase directly from Animal Essentials or from wholesale distributors that are authorized by Animal Essentials.
  4. All sales on the Amazon platform MUST be pre-approved by Animal Essentials, and Animal Essentials products MUST NOT be comingled with products from non-pet categories.
  5. Must maintain pricing of Animal Essentials products at or above Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) as determined by Animal Essentials Inc.
  6. Reseller must exhibit and market Animal Essentials products in a manner that reflects our commitment to quality.
  7. All Animal Essentials product images used for marketing purposes must be of the most current label revisions and must be preapproved by Animal Essentials. Cutting and pasting images from any Animal Essentials website without express permission is strictly prohibited and will be enforced as an infringement of our trademarks.
  8. Resellers may not use or copy any descriptive text that is the property of Animal Essentials to solicit sales unless such permission is granted by Animal Essentials. This includes all text that appears on any Animal Essentials website or its printed literature. All language used to sell or recommend Animal Essentials products must comply with current regulatory restrictions.
  9. Resellers shall not overtly claim that Animal Essentials products are useful to treat, prevent, cure or otherwise mitigate any form of disease.
  10. Not resale into wholesale channels or for foreign export, except as specifically permitted by written agreement with Animal Essentials.
  11. The reseller must have a return policy that allows customers to return unopened, salable items to the reseller for any reason within a reasonable period of time.
  12. The reseller must maintain a channel of communication for customer service and provide a clear, easy-to-access link to the Animal Essentials customer support team. This information is provided on the product labels.
  13. Must forward any report of an adverse event (vomiting, diarrhea, allergic reaction, etc.) to our corporate office in a timely manner, including the name, address and phone number of the reporting party
  14. . We take every adverse event seriously, no matter how small, and a follow up investigation will be conducted per requirements of the National Animal Supplements Council (NASC).
  15. The reseller is strictly prohibited from engaging in the repackaging or relabeling of Animal Essentials products.
  16. The reseller must not display or attempt to sell any items that have exceeded the “best if used by” date on the product label, and is prohibited from selling any Animal Essentials product that has been discontinued, withdrawn or recalled from the marketplace by Animal Essentials.
  17. The reseller must notify their customers of an item’s “best if used by” date if that date is within three months of time of purchase.
  18. Resellers are prohibited from selling, advertising or otherwise promoting any items with discontinued labels.
  19. Not alter item labels in any way, and not place any other labels or markings over the Animal Essentials UPC code, ingredients panels, or “best if used by” date.
  20. Not sell products with broken safety seals under any circumstances.