Reliable Natural Tartar Control For Dogs

While it’s something you probably don’t think about very often, your pet needs proper dental care just like you do. If tartar is allowed to build up in your dog’s mouth, it can easily lead to various problems, including bad breath, sore gums, and even tooth decay.

Just like us, dogs require a certain amount of dental care otherwise they are liable to become susceptible to teeth issues that can balloon into complications if not addressed properly. Natural Tartar Control For Dogs is vital because once problems set in with teeth it is very difficult and expensive to reverse course.

By educating yourself about the issue, you can help your dog keep a healthy grin and remain free of any issues that are associated with tartar buildup. You also want to be aware of gentle and natural ways of dealing with tartar buildup and dental care that don’t require invasive and emotionally daunting vet visits.

Diagnosing Tartar Buildup in dogs

Tartar is essentially a hardened buildup caused by plaque remaining on your dog’s teeth. Plaque is chiefly composed of food debris and bacteria that combine in your dog’s mouth while eating. If not properly addressed, this buildup only gets worse over time and can lead to an array of different medical issues if you don’t take the necessary precautions.

It’s important to know how to diagnose tartar buildup so you can properly treat it before it’s allowed to get too out of control. One of the tell-tale signs of tartar buildup is unusually bad breath. You may not actually notice plaque on your dog’s teeth because it finds its way into all the little crevices of their mouth. In the wild, carnivores like dogs would be munching on bones and getting the proper amount of dental care simply while they eat, but the reality is that even many kinds of chew toys and bone replacements don’t do a good enough job of keeping your dog’s mouth clean. This leads to inevitable plaque buildup.

If you have noticed that your dog’s breath is a little less than fresh even by dog standards, it might be time to take a peek inside and see what you can do. If you are concerned about tartar buildup, you can brush your dog’s teeth or even wipe them clean with various products on the market. You want to make sure that the products you are using are as safe and natural as possible, especially if you intend on using any toothpaste. When you are performing this routine for your dog, be sure to get in between the teeth and in the rear of the mouth where bacteria and plaque are most likely to fester.

You don’t want to be shy here, as your dog’s health may depend on how well you can brush their teeth and gums. However, there are also impactful herbal treatments for plaque and tartar buildup that work through the use of natural enzymes that help dissolve the offending substances, leaving your dog’s mouth fresh and plaque-free.

Addressing Your Dog’s Tartar Buildup

As far as tartar buildup is concerned, you want to cultivate a holistic routine that meets their needs from every angle so that their teeth remain as healthy as possible. Brushing their teeth for them every once in a while helps, as does supplying them with bones to gnaw on. While we think of this behavior as silly and endearing, dogs chew bones for a reason. It helps them de-stress and also strengthens their jaw muscles. For them, it’s akin to exercise, and it also helps them scrape plaque off of their teeth.

When putting together a comprehensive routine for your pup that will ensure their mouth stays healthy and free of tartar, consider using natural tartar control for dogs such as the SeaDent For Dogs that we carry right here in our store at Animal Essentials. The enzymes that are featured in our formula help break down plaque that finds its way into the corners and crevices of your dog’s mouth, ultimately leading to much healthier teeth and gums.

Using a natural plant-based formula like this is key because it reduces the need for manual brushing and also doesn’t rely on drugs or potentially stressful visits to the vet. You want to make sure your dog’s teeth are being taken care of with as little hassle and burden for them as possible.

Here at Animal Essentials, we take the health of dogs seriously and work hard to develop impactful formulas that are not only natural and wholesome but work well. Our tartar control for dogs will allow your pup to stay plaque-free, so he or she can keep that silly smile you love on them well into old age.