Comfort Plus

Comfort Plus

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Comfort Plus  

(Formerly named Poppy–Scutellaria Compound)


Product Overview:

This is a very simple nervine formula that employs only two botanicals: California Poppy (Eschscholizia californica) and Skullcap (Scutellaria laterifolia).  Both are regarded by herbalists as reliable agents for promoting comfort and a a relaxed state of being. Both of these herbs have long standing histories of use in animals and humans, including small children. 

Comfort Plus has been created by the requests of holistic veterinarians that have been using glycerin-based extracts of California Poppy and Skullcap in their practices for several years.  

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Comfort Plus
Written by Donna Viitanen on Jun 30th 2023

We are beginning the 4th bottle of Comfort Plus for our 2-year-old, ADHD behavioral, standard poodle. Skye has been on the C.P. formula for several months now, twice daily, and it's helped him so much. He's calmer, appears less stressed, can lay down and relax, take some naps, although he still needs more, and just seems happier. At the same time, the C.P. has not affected his energy or personality. He can still get wound up, play hard with our other spoo and act like a 2-year-old should.