All natural digestive aid with plant enzymes and probiotics. This product assists in the digestion and absorption of nutrients which are necessary to maintain good health. It relieves the extra burden placed on the digestive system, as this product breaks down fats, carbohydrates, cellulose and protein. Enzyme and probiotic supplementation is a good preventive measure to ensure good health. No lactose, sugars, or preservatives.

Digestive enzymes are special types of protein molecules that catalyze the breakdown of food into components that can be utilized by the body. These proteins are not stored in the body but are released based on the anticipation aroma or actual presence of food in the digestive system. Because they are not stored they must be taken with each meal, preferably with the food. Animal Essential's enzymes contain a blend of plant and microbial produced enzymes. None of them are from animal sources.

Each enzyme is highly specific as to the class of food it works on and the temperature and pH of its effective range of activity. Animal derived enzymes will work in only one area of the digestive system, while plant and microbial enzymes work throughout the whole system, from mouth through the stomach into the intestines. As the body ages less enzymes are produced and supplementation is necessary to assure optimum health.

To maintain optimum health in an animal it needs to be fed an optimum diet, but also needs to have digestive efficiency necessary to assimilate the food ingredients. The digestive efficiency can be reduced by stress of any sort, excitement , anxiety (travel separation, working stress and so on). To insure optimum digestion and health we recommend the addition of this supplement to each meal. For optimum utilization the supplement should be added to the food and should be moistened shortly before feeding to be effective.

Since Animal Essential's enzymes are derived from plant and microbial sources they are active throughout the whole gastrointestinal tract not in a specific section, as animal derived enzymes are. These enzymes are active from pH of 3 to 9 and at a temperature of about 100 Degrees Fahrenheit. Animal derived enzymes either work in the stomach at a low pH or in the intestine at much higher pH. Since ours work over a broader range they are active longer in the system at reducing the food into usable components.

Available in 100g (approx. 25 tsps) or 300g (approx. 75 tsps) Powder

Plant Enzyme w/ Probiotics 3.5 oz 100 gm




This all-natural supplement assists in the digestion and absorption of nutrients critical to good health.

The plant enzymes and probiotics work to break down fats, carbohydrates, cellulose and protein so the body can utilize them. Digestive enzymes are not stored in the body, instead they are produced at the time of each feeding triggered by anticipation of eating or the aromas of the food. But as the body ages it produces fewer enzymes, so supplementation is necessary for optimum health. A digestive aid is also necessary when the animal is affected by excitement, anxiety or stress such as travel or separation, which disrupt digestion. In addition, this formula replenishes natural enzymes in pet food that are typically destroyed by heat proceesing or oxidation. Animal Essentials’ enzymes contain a blend of plant and microbial enzymes, none of which come from animal sources. Animal-derived enzymes work in only one area of the digestive system, while plant and microbial enzymes work throughout the whole system, from mouth to stomach to intestines. The probiotic component of the formula is Bacillus Coagulans, a well-researched, FDA-approved strain of beneficial bacteria in spore form. These spores remain inactive until introduced to saliva, water or digestive acids in the stomach.

  • Refrigeration not required.
  • No lactose, sugar or preservatives.

Recommended Feeding: 

Cats 1/4 teaspoon added to food once daily. Dogs: 1/4 teaspoon for each 30 lbs of body weight added to food once daily.


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Written by Karen Caviness on Oct 15th 2022

The effect of this product rates as one of the two most remarkable events in natural medicine that I have ever witnessed. Our new puppy was is eating its poop regularly. I was told that it was either a behavioral issue or a nutritional one. In the process of making kibble, enzymes are destroyed and this puppy was eating primarily kibble. I supplemented the puppies food with this enzyme and within a day and a half the poop eating stopped, completely, and has not returned. Amazing!