Slippery elm tincture by Animal Essentials

Slippery Elm

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Slippery elm contains a synergistic mix of plant mucilage, tannins and polysaccharides that help promote healthy digestive functions and support normal waste elimination.  Useful for occasional; bouts of coughing too!



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Slippery Elm seems to help my IBD kitty
Written by Bonnie Ornitz on Jun 16th 2021

My older kitty suffers from IBD and I’m trying to slowly taper down and wean him off of steroids after a year, and so far Slippery Elm seems to be just the thing to soothe his gut.

Great product
Written by Lindy on May 25th 2021

My senior Boxer has mild IBD and pants every night after dinner. I give this to her before her dinner and it soothes her tummy and she completely stopped panting. REALLY works!!!

Slippery Elm for IBD
Written by Gabriele Schuster on Jul 27th 2020

This tincture saved my cat's life. My 15 1/2 year old cat has a severe case of IBD. It's chronic and only can be managed. We've been battling it for the past year with different type of products. The IBD got to a point where my cat didn't want to eat at all. We were ready to let him go. He was lethargic and as a last attempt I called my homeopathic vet. She said try Slippery Elm. I ordered the single herb Slipery Elm and after a couple of days my cat started eating again. Now we're about 5 weeks in and he's eating full meals again and has gained almost a pound of weight back. My cat also has asthma and we're hoping that this product will also support him and ease the coughing.