Tips for Choosing Natural Supplements for Pets

It's only natural that when you have pets, you do what you can to take good care of them, show them love, and make sure that they are happy for all of their lives. That is a simple wish that any caring pet owner would have for their pets: that they get to live long and happy lives. A huge component of pet care involves keeping up with their health and taking them to the veterinarian's office on occasion to see that they are doing well and check if there is anything else that you could be doing. Alongside scheduling these appointments and providing your cat or dog with a balanced diet, you can also consider what types of natural supplements for pets they might benefit from.

Dietary supplements are great additions to an animal's diet since they have so much nutrition to offer and can target specific concerns. They are also very easy to serve to your pets since most of them can be added to their cat or dog food, or served directly into the mouth. It can be just that easy to provide your pets with natural, herbal ingredients free from any harmful side effects. We strongly recommend using 100% natural supplements for dogs and cats because they are the safest choice. Animal Essentials uses only natural ingredients of the highest quality that have been well-researched to have positive short and long term health effects in animals. These products also come in a vast number of options, so you can really choose the best ones for your pets that will address whatever concerns you might have. At that point, it all comes down to deciding which ones are best for your pets. Based on the exact concerns you would like to manage better, here are our recommendations of natural supplements for pets.

Physically Active Pets
For all of those playful pups and cats who seem to never run out of energy, you may want to consider some supplements that can help them to feel their best while running and jumping around. All of that activity might be a little much for you to deal with, but it is great exercise, and you wouldn't want your lively pups to suddenly slow down because the movement is too much on them, especially as they get older. Even the most active pets may slow down over time, but you can at least help with that to make things easier on them and hopefully keep them physically active for a while longer.

With all of that activity, you will want dietary supplements that support joint health by providing a healthy inflammatory response. This will reduce the amount of discomfort and make it more comfortable to move around. Yucca is well-known for supporting joint mobility, so that is a great one to consider, but also keep in mind that we do offer a special formula of natural herbal ingredients that provide joint support as well.


Stressed & Anxious Pets
Much like humans, animals can get stressed out, anxious, and drained of energy. Sometimes it is linked to their diet and they would be better off with a change in their nutritional intake. Some natural supplements can help with this as well. Pets with high amounts of situational stress like separation anxiety might benefit from something like the Comfort Plus or the Passion Flower supplements. They both promote a calm mood and reduce the feelings of stress. Our Tranquility Blend also performs a similar action. Just look at the ingredients to determine which one sounds the most promising for your pet.

General Health & Well-Being
Even if you do not have specific concerns regarding your pets’ health, you can still provide them with generally beneficial supplements that help their overall health. Fish oil is a great example since it can help support the nervous system, circulatory system, and immune system all in one. Our Super Immune blend is also great at supporting the immune system overall, giving your pet a better chance against any health issues in the long term. There are some other excellent natural supplements for pets that we could recommend, but the list would go on. Just look for some that you think would help your dog or cat to feel healthier and happier everyday.

We want to do our part in making it easier for you to take care of your pets. That is why we put so much time, effort, and research into creating our formulas for natural pet supplements at Animal Essentials. We offer a wide range of products that address all sorts of health concerns from intestinal health and digestive support, to heart and joint health. If you need any assistance in figuring out what will work best to help your pet, please contact your local veterinarian or send us a message and we will be glad to help you identify the natural supplements for pets that will be best for your cat or dog.